What Is Dyslexia Disorder

Dyslexia is assumed to be a mental disease or an abnormality but it is not. It is a disorder of reading writing ability of a person. A person dealing with dyslexia is unable to read and write properly. It doesn’t mean that there is a lack of intelligence. It is the weakness of some areas of brain which support in learning, reading and writing things. But as it is said that nothing is impossible this disorder can also be cured with some effort. Such person should be supported emotionally. Sometimes this disorder cannot be diagnosed in early ages but when a child goes to school then this abnormality comes to be seen.

There are many symptoms of dyslexia as before going to school, children are used to learning many rhymes at home, the dyslexia patient can not learn properly and even in early ages that child might start speaking very late. The child may suffer from a problem in learning names, numbers, letters colors. When such children brought to school then the first problem occurs to them is the recognition of the alphabets. These children unable in identifying the letters which look alike such as d and b. After Montessori classes, they find it more difficult in identifying the words which are of same sound or pronunciation such as bat, that, cat, rat and further more. When a normal child reads a for apple then he can imagine a red apple in his/her mind. But a dyslexia patient can not generate that image. Adult dyslexia is the same as in children. They also have some symptoms as they can not read aloud and their writing speed is slow as they can not figure out letters or words appropriately. Due to their this order they start lacking confidence and start avoiding the activities which may involve reading. It is difficult for them to understand the idiomatic terms such as “apple of one’s eye” means beloved but they have difficulty in understanding this. It remains problematic to solve sums of mathematics. They can not differentiate between 6 and 9 as they look same which may result in the wrong answer. If you are interested about dyslexia treatment for adults you can visit this website https://dyslexiasolutions.net.au/adult-dyslexia.html.

To overcome the problems caused due to dyslexia a program has been introduced termed as davis dyslexia program by Ronald davis. According to him dyslexia is not a disorder instead it is the ability of a person to think differently or multi-dimensional. They are capable to see things from a slightly different style and vision. Davis dyslexia program provides davis dyslexia facilitator who work separately on the person and help them out to succeed in getting rid of this disorder. Davis dyslexia facilitator uses an un-usuall method with the help of clay. Letters and pictures can be drawn with the help of it and concept are given. Using different methods which is of interest of any person can be used for their well being. The end results generated by Davis dyslexia program are the increased ability of reading and writing. Person becomes focused and attentive and it also boosts the confidence in him.